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Available Adults

Once in awhile, we have adult dogs of our breeding available or know of other breeders who might have.  Generally these are retired showdogs or occassionally a dog that has been returned due to family circumstances. If you are seeking a quality adult dog, please check back from time to time.  If you wish, you may sign up to my Yahoo email list so you can be notified if an adult becomes available.  Click here to sign up.

I would also recommend you consider adopting an adult Dane through a qualified rescue group.  Our local (Washington state) Great Dane rescue is Dane Outreach.  Please visit their site for adoption requirements and a listing of available dogs.

Should you choose to adopt, please deal only with an estabilished, reputable rescue.  Be wary of dogs advertised "for free" on Craigslist or other such venues.  Often dogs advertised in places like that have actually been turned down by valid rescues because of temperament or behavior problems.  If you choose to view a dog listed on such a venue, you would be well advised to take an experienced dog person with you to assist in evaluating the dog to make sure the placement would be a good fit for you. All qualified rescues require altering before placement. Never adopt an excessively shy/fearful dog or one that has exhibited human aggression.  Those dogs should never be offered for rehoming as they are an extreme liability and danger.


Dane Outreach has many nice dogs available for adoption.  Please visit the site and see if one of these dogs might make you the perfect pet.  Please note people with an approved application receive notice of available dogs first, so often dogs are not on the site--fill out an application to stay updated. Please visit the Dane Outreach site at to review home requirements and to complete an application.


None at this time.

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