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Cot Beds
Dogs Love These!

I was very skeptical at first that the dogs would like these beds. Was I wrong! They love them and the beds actually stand up to their abuse quite well.

These cot beds can be used indoors or out. I use mine outdoors. The size is approximately 34 to 35" by 42to 43".

The covers are made of a quality vinyl encapsulated woven polyester mesh material, available in blue only.  The covers can be easily washed with a hose.

The framework is sturdy 1 1/4” PVC pipe.  While an occasional corner may break, they are easily and inexpensively replaced.

 The beds are designed to endure constant exposure to the elements with virtually no maintenance. They will not sustain fleas, disease, moisture or odor. They are great outdoors because it gives the dog a dry surface to lie on during damp weather. The mesh fabric allows rain to drain through instead of pooling on the cover. Indoors you can use it as is or with a pad. Replacement covers, minor repairs to covers and corners are available.

"Chew guards" are placed on the edges to prevent your dog from chewing the sides of the fabric where it feeds into the PVC pipe. You can see the chew guards on the sample pictures.

I've used these beds for years for both my personal dogs and my dog  boarding business. Most dogs take to them well and they hold up to the abuse most dogs throw at them.  I can provide references from satisfied customer.

The price is $110.00 per bed. Applicable Washington state sales  tax at the rate of 8.5% will be added. 

We offer shipping; please see details to the sidebar on the right
. Generally we are able to work out local delivery within Washington State and NW Oregon. 

We only offer one size currently, and only in blue.

Please contact me for ordering information and questions.




 Order Information

.00 (WA residents add 8.5% sales tax)


At this time only blue is available.


Payment can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.  If by PayPal or credit card, please add 5% to your total order to cover the service fee. 

Payment is required in advance.  Please contact me for information.


We now offer shipping! To calculate your approximate shipping charges, please call The Mail Stop (Lynden) at
(360) 255-0537
Origin zip code 98264
Weight 13 lbs
49"L x 6.5" x 6.5"
Please add $5.00 in addition to shipping charges to cover the box needed to ship the cot beds.
For local orders we frequently are able to deliver along the I5 corridor or at a dog show.

 Turn-Around Time

Please expect between four-to-six weeks from when you place your order to delivery.


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