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Crate Pads


Whether you use these double-fleece pads in a crate or on the floor,  your dog will LOVE them--and so will you!

People who have ordered these pads before know how nice they are!  Constructed of heavy double fleece, they resist chewing (although a hard-core chewer can destroy one if determined enough!), while providing a soft, comfortable bed.  They come in a variety of sizes for use in or out of crates.  I have been using these pads for  my guest dogs and personal dogs both at home and at shows for over a year, and have been very happy with them.

Also available are heavy zippered cordura nylon bed covers. Insert your own foam (or purchase from us) and you have a water and dirt resistant cover to place inside a crate. Both these items wash up well.  

Crate pads are on an order only basis. Please see below for ordering information.


Cut-off date for ordering is Dec. 26, 2015







14 x 20


18 x 24


20 x 30


24 x 36


28 x 42


30 x 48


36 x 54


60 x 36


36 x 54 cover




  • Crate pads are made of heavy double-fleece.  There is no inner “stuffing”.  Pads are generally chew-resistant because of the dense fabric.
  • Covers are made of heavy duty cordura nylon, and have a zipper closing. The zipper is offset on the bottom to help prevent chewing.
  • Crate pads and covers wash up well.  While the larger sizes will fit in a front loader better washing results will be seen if going to a laundry and using their giant washers. Pads do shrink somewhat.  With continual washing the fleece will mat down, but the function of the pad is not diminished. I have pads that have been in service for two+ years.
  • Sizes are actually somewhat smaller than listed above. This is because the maker uses unfinished measurement size.


  • Crate pads are on a “per order” basis.  I do not carry inventory, so once you’ve let me know you wish to purchase one, the pad has been specifically ordered for you and you are responsible for payment.  Cancellations of an order must be made prior to or by the cut-off date.
  • Payment is required within five days from placing your order.  Orders cannot be placed unless payment is made.


  • Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal.  All payments must be in US funds, and applicable sales tax will be added. Payments by credit card or PayPal will be charged an additional 3% convience fee on the total sale amount.
  • Please make checks payable to “Daynakin Great Danes LLC”.


  • Crate pads can be picked up at my house, or delivered to a show or other location that I might be going to. 
  • Due to lack of storage, crate pads must be picked up within 14 days after you’ve received notification they’ve arrived.
  • I can ship pads if desired; however because the bigger ones are quite large, shipping can be pricey.


  • Refunds are offered only on new, unused crate pads within 5 days from pick up.
  • No other refunds will be offered after that time.


Crate pads: Crate pads wash up nicely.  The larger ones do best in a large front loader or commercial machine.  Use warm water and air dry.  They dry very quickly.

Cordura covers:  Wash in warm water.  Be sure zippered is closed during wash.  To dry, open zipper and air dry.  Once outside is dry, turn insideout and allow that side to dry.  This must be done because of the waterproof nature of the covers.

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