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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'd like to take credit for this picture, but it's not mine.  At any rate, you have to agree that it's cute and enjoy it. Two beautiful classic bred Danes obviously owned by a family who has a sense of fun!  Please take the opportunity to visit the two events listed below to meet and greet Great Danes up close and personal and talk to experienced Dane owners, exhibitors and respoonsible breeders.  Enjoy the month of March and hopefully the beginning of spring!

Responsibly bred purebred AKC classic Great Danes brought to you by an AKC preservation breeder. We're so proud of what we do for the next generation of the happy, healthy canine family.

Proudly breeding "made in the USA" accordingly to the Great Dane Club of America Breed Standard-Great Danes that LOOK and ACT like Great Danes are supposed to.

Please, do your research before buying or adopting a Great Dane. Know what to look for in a breeder or a rescue.

If you are interested in talking to experienced Dane people, please attend the event below.

Welcome to our site.  On our site, you will find information on our dogs, upcoming litters, available adults, links to other Dane breeders, local shows, boarding and handling services, classes and seminars and a lot of  health, care and training resources that are helpful to Dane owners.  We also offer a number of items for sale, including great fleece dog pads and cot beds.

Please take time to look around; we are constantly adding and changing things.  We hope you find our site helpful and educational. If you would like to contact us please call or email:

Georgia Hymmen
Ferndale, WA

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