Daynakin Great Danes LLC 
Est. 1974

Championship Quality AKC Fawn & Brindle Great Danes 
For Show, Performance and Companionship

Our next litter was born Sept. 16,2019, consisting of fawns and brindles. I do have a cropped fawn female available to either a local show home, or a home that will allow me to show. If you would like a pedigree, information on the parents and pictures along with an application, please email us.

For puppies, please check my "Other Breeder" page and the Great Dane Club of America's Breeders Page.

Please do your research prior to adding a Dane to your family.  Know what to look for in a breeder and a puppy.  Do not be impressed by "rare" colors (no such thing), "designer" Danes (crossing one purebred with another does not create a breed but only a mongrel) and "Euro" Danes.  While there certainly are exceptions, people breeding off-color, Euro or Dane crosses rarely do health testing or offer any kind of breeder support and true knowledge of the breed.

Be informed before you buy!

  Please see Upcoming Litter Page for details on our next litter. Please contact me for information and an application.

You might also want to check our "other breeder" page.

Would you like to receive pictures and puppy updates?  If so, please email me and ask to be on my "Puppy Blog".

We suggest you check out our "Other Breeder" page for recommendations on breeders within the Northwest area. You may also want to check out the breeder page on the Great Dane Club of America site at  We strongly encourage potential Dane purchasers to do your research prior to purchase, and to deal only with established, reputable breeders.  This may mean being on a waiting list, but it's well worth it.  For information on what a reputable breeder does, please review the below file.

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