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Daynakin's Penelope RE, OAJ, NA, CL2-H, CL2-R, CHIC

Dec. 2012

Dec. 2012

Sire: Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin Mr. Wonderful Double D
Dam: Ch. Ruatha Daynakin Ladyhawke
Breeders: Georgia Hymmen and Karl & Mette Aland
Owner:  Lindsay Pranger & Georgia Hymmen
Date of Birth: April 25, 2007
Pedigree Link
CHIC #60290

01/21/11 Novice Agility Title
10/30/10 Rally Excellent Title
02/14/11 Qualified in Ex. & Advanced with 3rd place in both classes.
02/26/11 Bess is in a book--see below

06/11  For our Excellent B run, we scored a 94 and a second place.  For our Advanced B run we scored a 95 and actually won our class!  That's makes RAE leg #6.  Only four more to go!!

July 2011 I had Bess entered in rally and conformation yesterday at the show in Centralia.  Unfortunately the rally ring was running a half hour behind, which created a direct conflict with conformation and caused me to do a LOT of running back and forth between rings to the point where I was quite sweaty after it was all over with.  Thankfully we had a very wonderful and accomodating judge in rally.  For our Excellent B run, we scored a 94 and a second place.  For our Advanced B run we scored a 95 and actually won our class!  That's makes RAE leg #6. 

Oct. 2011 I've got another agility brag for Bess from yesterday!!  I don't have any pictures or videos this time around unfortunately.  Yesterday I had both the danes entered in a CPE agility trial.  In spite of some zoomies and almost taking the judge out during her "creative" Jackpot run, Bess qualified and took 2nd place!  In Standard, despite almost taking me out while she hauled a$$out of a tunnel, she qualified, taking 1st place.  Then in Colors she had her most beautiful run of the day, which was also qualifying and garnered her another 1st place!!  Her only run that she didn't qualify in was due to an off course when she just could NOT resist going through the tunnel.  But really, I can't complain when I've got a slightly over sized dog who enjoys tunnels the way that she does.;0)  I only entered one day, so no results from today.
As a puppy, Bess was sold to a young family who simply was not prepared for her high energy level.  After several unpleasant discussions with the purchaser, she was returned to me because of "health problems". Once back at my home, it was very evident that a) she did not have any health problems at all and never missed a beat, b) she was very high energy and c) she was a wild child who had received little, if any, training while at the other household. My opinion on the return was simply she was too much dog for them, and they used the "health problem" excuse to return her because they were worried they wouldn't get their money back if they told the real reason.

Bess was not that old when she came back to me, but it was very clear she needed an active home that would give her a job to do.  Many wonderful homes inquired about her, but I felt they just weren't the right fit--they either wanted a laid-back Dane or weren't willing to give her something to do.

I had Bess for several months and then Lindsay inquired about her.  After chatting with Lindsay, I knew it was a match.  Lindsay already had an active lifestyle with her other Dane, Hefner.  She was active hiking, doing agility, skijoring and lots of other things with him.  Long story short, Bess went to live with Lindsay and the two of them are headed towards a great career in performance events AND the conformation ring.  Lindsay is currently working Bess in Agility and Rally and she's also put a major on Bess herself.

If you'd like to find out more about Lindsay and her Danes, visit her blog at Life With Big Dogs.

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