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We have been involved in the showing, breeding and care of Great Danes for many years. This long-term involvement in the breed has made us very familiar about the special needs and requirements of giant and large breeds.


Our dog care program is not a commercial boarding kennel. We feel the care we offer is much more "home-like" than a typical boarding kennel. During the day, your dog will have supervised access to large "romping" areas. We have five securely-fenced acres divided into several exercise paddocks for this purpose. At night, your dog will sleep inside the house. In fact, we ask that you bring his own blanket or bed and a toy so he has something familiar from home.

Also, we ask you bring your own dog food so your dog has his customary diet. We feel that being away from home is a stressful enough event, without adding a diet change to that.

We know big dogs and all of our equipment is set up for giant breeds.  Our perimeter fences are five-foot tall chain link.  The bottom portion has rigid wire set into the ground to prevent digging under.  All our fences are secure and all gates are safety-latched. The kennel runs, while rarely used for guest dogs, are secure and roomy.  Each run measures six feet high and thirty feet in length. The gates to each run lead into a "lock" that prevents escape should a dog attempt to bolt out. 
Your dog will receive personal attention while with us. Upon leaving, he will be bathed and have his nails trimmed*. He will receive a "report card" telling you how he/she did while in our care.

We will also care for bitches in season, geriatric dogs, and dogs that need treatments or medications.  We do not charge extra for exercise time.

We do require that all dogs coming to stay with us be current on their vaccines, including bordetella. We do not accept human-aggressive dogs.

For a complete listing of our rates and policies, please call or email us. 
We are located in  the lovely Ferndale area (just north of Bellingham).  We are right off the I 5 corridor. From Seattle, we are approximately a two hour drive. For our clients in the Seattle area, we are almost always able to meet in the Mt. Vernon area to cut down on driving time. Additionally, we are in Seattle at least once a week and also are frequently up and down I-5 for classes or on the way back from shows, and can often arrange to meet then. We also offer a pick-up and delivery service for an additional charge. If you are heading to Canada, we are right on the way to all the border crossings. Easy on/off I 5 access.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make reservations. We are a small facility dedicated to the personal attention of your dog and will accept only so many guests at any one time.


Do you accept intact males?

Certainly! Being well-versed in the fact that not all intact males "play well with others" allows us to accommodate male dogs.

Do you accept bitches in season?

Yes, we do. However, there is an additional fee for this service. If you wish to board your in-season bitch with us, please contact us for details.

Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

If appropriate, your dog will be able to play with other dogs. This is dependant upon the individual temperament of the various dogs that might be here. In general, I feel that allowing a large group of dogs who do not know each other to play together is an accident and/or dog fight waiting to happen. Playing, within a supervised group of two-to-three dogs, is allowed only with owner permission and if the temperament of the dogs are suitable for such play.

Where will my dog be during the day?

While we have a few kennel runs, guest dogs are rarely in them. Instead, dogs are rotated between outside play time and inside nap time. The schedule for outside and inside time is dependant upon the needs of the individual dog.

Where will my dog be at night?

All dogs sleep inside at night in the "dog room" inside our house. Each dog has his own "den" (colossal crate) to assure private time and his own personal bedding and toys. Our "dens" are large enough to easily accommodate even the largest dog. The dog room is located in the main part of our house and the close proximity of it to our TV room gives your dog a sense of being a part of the household.

You are so far away from us—how do you work that out?

First, we think our services are well worth the drive! We offer so much more for your dog than commercial boarding kennels or even canine bed and breakfasts. We have ample room, securely fenced exercise areas, extensive large-dog experience and we don’t charge for many of the "extra’s" that other places do. For those who wish to cut down on their drive, I frequently am able to meet many of my clients along the I-5 corridor on my way to and from shows. Additionally, my husband does into Seattle once a week for work and can often work out dog transport on his way to and from there. Sometimes I can arrange for transport with someone else who is coming up. Other times, meeting in Mt. Vernon (which is about half-way from the Seattle area) is a possibility. For those on their way to or from Canada, I am an easy off-and-on from I-5.

What is included when my dog stays with you?

Your dog will receive a bath and nail trim prior to going home. If you sent bedding along, it will be returned to you clean. Your dog will receive a report card. There is no fee charged for giving basic medications such as giving pills. There is no charge for time in the exercise areas.

What are your rates?

Please contact us directly for a copy of our rate sheet.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer a board and train combo and also limited day care. For information on other services we offer, please contact us.

We hope that you will check out our care services for your dog. Please contact us if you have any questions.








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Plenty of fun time in large, securely-fenced exercise areas where your dog can have fun and meet new friends!

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