Daynakin Great Danes LLC 
Est. 1974

Championship Quality AKC Fawn & Brindle Great Danes 
For Show, Performance and Companionship

For The Fun Of It
Maggie (top) and Yukon (bottom)
Bess all decked out for Halloween!

Top:  Moose ready for a ride!

See Moose playing #1

See Moose playing #2

See Moose's movie!
See Moose's second movie!

Below: Bess at Heffner's birthyday party.

See Bess practising agility!
See Bess and her ball!
Watch Bess skijorring!

Watch Bess bike-jorring!

Top right: Maggie ready for a night on the town.

Bottom right: Yukon ready to accompany Maggie.

See Jill Swedlow's dogs enjoying the snow!

Bess is all ready for a birthday party!
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