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Toe nails are the most frequently neglected part of a dog's body. Even the best-loved and cared for dogs come to me with nails so long they are detrimental to the health of the dog.

Most people do not want to trim nails because either the dog hates it and struggles; or they are afraid they may cut too close and hit the quick.

However, whether or not the dog likes his nails trimmed is
irrelevant, as too-long nails can cause serious damage to the dog's food (never mind the furniture, floors or humans the dog comes in contact with).

Nails can be clipped or ground down with a dremmel.  Either method works well, and a pedicure should be done at least once every two weeks.  Properly trimmed Dane nails do NOT click on the floor.


The following links will help you to trim your dog's toe nails.

How To Dremmel Nails
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