Daynakin Great Danes LLC 
Est. 1974

Championship Quality AKC Fawn & Brindle Great Danes 
For Show, Performance and Companionship



This list includes dogs I've bred, co-bred, owned, co-owned, purchased or had any association to.  Complete information on owners and breeders will be listed on the page for the individual dog. Dogs listed without links simply do not have a page completed yet.


However, if you are trying to locate a specific dog, it might be difficult if you do not know the dog’s call name.  So, on this page you will find both the dogs call name.


"Abby"       Ch. Ruatha Daynakin Ladyhawke

"Bebe"        Ch. Daynakin Danelind New Year's Noisemaker

"Billy"         Am. Can. In. Ch. Daynakin's Oscar Odessy Paquin

"Bing"        Am. Can. Ch. Sunstrike Red Hot Chili Pepper At Daynakin

"Bonnie"     Daynakin Danelind Fair Hair'd Bonni Bleu AX MXJ

"Bravo"      Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin's Naturally In The Money

"Carrick"    Can. Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo This Kiss

"Cheyenne" Ch. Daynakin's High On Cheyenne

"Daisy"      Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin Can't Stop Kissin'

"Diesel"      Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo Mr. Wonderful V Double D

"Donzi"      Ch. Daynakin Danelind New Years Resolution

"Erin"         Can. Intl. Ch. Daynakin's Easy Lovin' HOF

"Faith"        Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin This Kiss

"Geoff"       Ch. Danelind Geoffery Daynakin

"Katie"        Am. Can. Ch. Sunstrike red Let'r Day At Daynakin

"Kennedy"   Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin's Jack of All Trades

"Kona"        Ch. Oh Kona Gold

"Kiara"        Ch. Ruatha Daynakin Lion's Pride
"Mia"          Ch. Dbl D Daynakin Party To The Max

"Mamie"      Am. Can. Ch. Winstar Macdns First Lady V Daynkin

"Mano"        Ch. Daynakin's Heaven's Gate

"Nellie"        Ch. Daynakin's No It All V Paradise

"Nikki"        Ch. Daynakin's National Treasure

"Pasha"       Can. Ch. Daynakin's Passion At Paquestone

"Penelope"   Ch. Daynakin's Oh So Pretty At Nimrots

"Sean"         Am. Can. Ch. Infiniti's Alleanza V Daynakin

"Tango"       Am. Can. Ch. New Years Celebration
"Tucker"     Ch. Daynakin's I'm Tuff Too

"Yukon"      Ch. Daynakin's Jack of Hearts

"Wylie"       Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo Mischief In Black and Gold

"Bess"        Daynakin's Penelope, RN, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F
"George"    Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin Quarternote At Bricarlo

"Izzy"         Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo Quite The Kisser
“Josie”       Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin Shut Up N Kiss Me

"Moose"     Intl. Ch. Daynakin's Rock of Bricarlo, CGC
"Serena"     Ch. Daynakin's Serenade of Joy
"Spirit"       Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin's Quiet Spirit At Bricarlo AOM
"Suzie"        Can. Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo QP Doll At Kiltic
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