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We currently have no Great Dane Adults Available. Thanks for stopping by.

Puppy or an Adult???


Should I get a puppy or an adult? It’s a frequent question people ask themselves when they consider getting a Great Dane. The answer is as varied as the people who ask it. There can be a variety of factors that might make a person consider an adult over a puppy—lifestyle, energy level, living situation, and personal philosophies all play a factor in making that decision. With an adult “what you see is what you get” and there is none of the crazy growing stage Dane puppies go through. Other considerations may be the level of training an adult has over a puppy, the fact an adult can be left alone longer periods of time, the exhausting nature of raising a puppy seems overwhelming, and that an older settled adult won’t have the exercise requirements a puppy will.

Once in a great while, we have adult dogs of our breeding available or know of other breeders who might have a dog to rehome. Generally these are retired show dogs or sometimes a dog that has been returned due to family circumstances. These dogs are NOT rescue dogs and are considered "breeder rehomes". (A breeder rehome is a dog sold who was sold as a puppy with the understanding they would be returned to the breeder in the event the purchaser could no longer keep the dog.) These dogs have been loved companions and have been raised and cared for in a responsible manner and can frequently fit seamlessly into a new home. If you are seeking a quality adult dog, please check this page as I will post dogs as they become available. I do maintain an email list for people interested breeder rehomes. If you would like to be notified, please email me and request to be placed on my “breeder rehome” list.


You might also want to consider adopting an adult Dane through a qualified rescue group. Our local (Washington state) Great Dane rescue is North West Great Dane Rescue. Located in Spokane, they place dogs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Please visit their site for adoption requirements and a listing of available dogs.

Should you choose to adopt, please deal only with a established, reputable rescue. Be wary of dogs advertised "for free" on Craigslist or other such venues. Often dogs advertised in places like that have actually been turned down by valid rescues because of biting history, temperament issues or severe behavior problems. If you choose to view a dog listed on such a venue, you would be well advised to take an experienced dog person with you to assist in evaluating the dog to make sure the placement would be a good fit for you. All qualified rescues require altering before placement. Never adopt an excessively shy/fearful dog or one that has exhibited human aggression. Those dogs should never be offered for rehoming as they are an extreme liability and danger.

Rescue Resources in the Pacific Northwest

All reputable rescues have placement criteria and work off of an application process. Please review a rescue's site carefully to see if you fall within their criteria. If you do not, please pass them by. Rescues are operated by overworked volunteers and their time is best spent helping dogs within their program. An inordinate amount of time is spent explaining to non-qualified homes why a placement can't be made. Many rescues have firm policies on fencing, altering, and how the dog will be cared for. Additionally, the rescue is the one best qualified to determine if a particular dog is a good fit for a certain home. Respect their knowledge and efforts in making a good placement so the dog is assured a forever home.