Dog Show Conformation Handling Classes

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Georgia Hymmen


Melissa Wilste

Class Details

Whether you are new to showing or a seasoned exhibitor, conformation handling classes will help you and your dog get ready for the conformation ring.  Classes focus on basic stacking procedures, gaiting and ring patterns, and a “soft touch” for young puppies new to show training.

During the pandemic, handling classes will be held on a limited basis and class dates will not be posted on this page.  For current information on class dates, please email or visit the class Facebook page at . Updates will be posted as available. Interested parties can also email and request to be put on the email list to receive notifications.

When class dates are posted, pre-registration and pre-payment is required.  Due to COVID restrictions, class size is limited to five people.  Classes are $12.00 for a 30 minute session.  Melissa Wiltse will be the primary instructor, with Georgia Hymmen stepping in from time to time.

All classes are held at Happy Pooch, 873 Hinotes Ct. B2, Lynden, WA

Private classes are also available through either Georgia or Melissa.