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Dog Show Entry Services

While most people complete entries online, there are instances when using an entry service is beneficial—perhaps computer access is limited or some other reason.

Showtime Entry Service (Paid Entry Service)

A Service that will enter your dog into dog shows for you.

Express Entries (Paid Entry Service)

A Service that will enter your dog into dog shows for you.

Kennel Clubs

The two major registries in North America are the American Kennel Club (US) and Canadian Kennel Club. These clubs maintain registries, stud books, and approve clubs to give shows in which dogs may earn titles at. While there are other registries that offer dog shows, these two clubs are the “gold standard” clubs among canine enthusiasts.

Canadian Kennel Club

The Canadian organization that, like the American Kennel Club, provides a multiple of dog related services, education, organizing dog events, etc.

American Kennel Club

The American organization that provides a multiple of dog related services, eduction, organizing dog events, etc.

Locating Dog Shows

There are a number of places to locate dog shows.  The AKC maintains a listing as do the following:

Show Days Info

A very useful subscription based website that can lists shows, provide information about judges, etc.

Canuck Dogs – Canadian Dog Show Listing

A listing of Canadian shows from the dog show listing website -


Infodog is a very helpful website that lists shows by state.

Canine Chronicle Event Calendar – US Dog Show Listing

Another useful website that lists dog shows

Video Tutorials - How To . . . . .

Showing the Bite

Another video showing how to properly show the bite to the judge

Stacking Your Puppy

Video on how to stack your puppy

How to show Dog’s bite Part 2

Video tutorial showing how to train a puppy/dog to show their teeth/bite. Second of 2 parts.

How to show Dog’s Bite Part 1

How to show Dog's Bite Part 1

New to dog shows? Overview of how to enter, judging schedule, etc

Video tutorial overview of finding, entering and documentation about Dog Shows

How to enter an MB-F Dog Show via InfoDog

Video on how to enter a dog show with Infodog/MB-F

How to enter an Onofrio Dog Show

Video on how to enter a dog show with the Superintendent, Onofrio.

Pacific Northwest & Northern CA Show Photographers

Warren & Vicki Cook

Dog Show Photographers in California -

Elaine Rushton

Washington Dog Show Photographer

Randy Roberts

Oregon Washington Dog Show Photographer

Useful Information

  • AKC Point Schedule by Region

    How many points a dogs receives when awarded WB, WD, BOW, etc is determined by the number of entries in the show AND the AKC Point Schedule. The AKC Point Schedule is determined annually by the AKC and is based on the previous years dog show entry numbers in the regions (states are grouped into regions). The AKC Point Schedule is published early each year and goes into affect in May of the year.

  • ERN Form

    Canadian Kennel Club registration or an ERN number is required to show in Canada

What are dog show judges looking for?

  • General Canine Dog Anatomy

  • Video showing Movement Examples

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