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Want to verify your mailed in dog show entry was received?

Do you prefer to mail in our dog show entries instead of do them online to save a few dollars? But worry if they’ve actually been received or not? Make up a SASE postcard and include it in our entries, with a sticky note on it for them to mail it to you when they receive them. Then, you will know the show super got them.

Keeping Track of all your Stuff

OK, so I got a bit behind on doing my weekly tips! If you have a lot of dog supplies, such as crates, exercise pens and such, and you take them places, there is always the risk of forgetting them or loosing them. to help make sure they are returned to you, attach a dog ID tag with your contact information to each piece of equipment. National Tag has cheap ID tags that can be used for this purpose. I bought 100 tags for under $35.00.

Handling the Holidays

Christmas week is always hectic, and pets can get into trouble when not supervised. Make sure your Dane feels like he’s part of the holiday. Take a few extra moments to make sure he’s had a good walk or romp so he’s tired (tired dog = good dog) and then give him a special toy or bone to keep him busy. Make sure all holiday visitors know your rules about giving treats as dealing with a Great Dane – sized tummy upset during the holidays is never fun.

Quick Drying Tip for after bath

After you give your dog a bath, try using a pony-sized sweat scraper. It’s great for removing the excess water from the dog’s coat. I prefer the plastic ones. You can get them at any tack or feed store.

Dog Beds & Puppies

While young puppies may be kind to their bed, many older puppies – not so much, and you may find the insides of the bed in a million pieces spread out in your house. If you don’t care to use old blankets, you can get a bed cover, and insteqd of stuffing it with foam or cedar, stuff with old blankets. This will be less tempting than foam … and WAY easier to clean if the bed should get destroyed. Also, sometimes a light spray of Bitter Apple on the bed helps prevent chewing.

Bitch in Season driving your intact male nuts?

Managing a bitch in season when you have an intact male dog can be very challenging. Of course, segregation is necessary, but the addition of chlorophyll pills to the diet of the sexy girl will help mask the odor a bit. This will help a little around the house, and help a whole lot if you have her at a dog show. I use Nature’s Best Chlorofresh, available at Fred Meyer in the health section. I prefer the pills over the liquid; the liquid puts some dogs off their food.

Giving pills to your dog a pain?

Having a problem giving pills and Pill Pockets are too pricey? Cheese and hot dogs don’t work? Try using liverwurst or braunswager. It’s soft shape lends to molding it around the pills, and most dogs LOVE the taste.

Dog Beds Made Better

If you have a “cedar sack” dog bed (or any bed with an inner and outer cover), insert the inner cover in a heavy-duty contracter-type garbage bag and tape securely in place with masking tape. Make sure the plastic overlaps. This will accomplish two things: it will make putting the cover on easier after washing it AND it will prevent the inner part from getting damaged if the dog has an accident on the bed.