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Litter and Puppy Information

We have TWO planned litters for 2023.

Please use our contact us page to contact us directly for information on our current breeding plans. In the meantime, please enjoy the videos from one of our past litters.


Daynakin Great Dane Puppy Buying Information

Policies, Provisions
and Pricing


Our Policies

I am a long-time reputable breeder, and to that end, do all I can within my power to breed exceptional classic-bred AKC Great Danes in a caring, loving and responsible manner.  From start to end, I am there for my purchasers offering breeder support.  I only breed dogs that are excellent examples of the breed, whose quality has been qualified by competition at AKC conformation and performance events, that have passed all their health testing as recommended by the Great Dane Club of America and are mentally and physically sound.  I go to great lengths to assure the resulting litter of all my pairings has had the best possible start in life. I believe a properly bred Great Dane should be a beautiful and impressive dog who can be an active family member, while exhibiting the proper temperament described in the Great Dane Breed Standard —“ The Great Dane must be spirited, courageous, always friendly, dependable and never timid or aggressive.”  In my breeding program, I believe in breeding for “the whole package”; a combination of beauty, brains, health and soundness.

As a part of being a good breeder, I make every attempt to place my puppies into the best possible homes.  Show puppy or companion puppy, I want them all to go into loving homes where they will remain for their entire life, be cared for as they deserve and be cherished pets.  To help me accomplish that goal, I find an application process (link to application text page?), home visit and having a set list of policies for my homes is a good first start.

I feel ownership of a giant breed entails a higher level of responsibility than that of a smaller breed.  It also is important to me both the puppy and the purchaser have an enjoyable relationship, and decades of breeding has shown me what works—and what doesn’t—with dogs of my breeding.  Therefore, I have certain policies in effect which will help set both the owner and puppy up for success and a lifetime relationship.

  • The dog must be maintained as a house-pet and family companion. We do not sell to families wishing to keep a dog outdoors all the time.
  • A completed application and home check along with references are required prior to purchase.
    • A suitably fenced yard at least five feet high and of sufficient size and material. A fenced yard is required; this is not only for the safety of the dog, but to provide unsupervised free play and exercise in a safe ad secure area—very necessary for the growing Dane. Invisible fencing does not qualify as appropriate primary fencing and dogs will not be placed into homes where this is the only type of containment.
    • The attendance of an appropriate puppy kindergarten is required.
    • The proper use of a crate to assist with housebreaking and to prevent destruction is required.
    • Companion puppies are required to be altered at the appropriate age. Please contact me for requirements for show/intact placements.
    • Companion puppies will not be sold out of the United States or Canada. Although I make exceptions from time to time, I prefer to sell puppies to the western part of the US or Canada. Please contact me for information on selling show/intact puppies out of the country.
  • We expect you to be agreeable in following our instructions on feeding, training, veterinary care/recommendations and care.
  • We strongly recommend pet insurance and preventative gastopexies.
  • A copy of our contract will be provided to approved applicants upon request (after deposit is received).
  • We do not sell to families living in townhouses, condos or apartments without a fenced yard.

How Our Puppies Are Raised

Our puppies are house-raised. They are not warehoused into a barn, kennel or garage but instead start their life being born in the office. To assure their well-being, they are closely monitored 24/7 and for the first two weeks we sleep by the whelping box. Daily weighing helps us make sure all within the litter are gaining appropriately and if one needs a little help, supplemental feeding is begun.  Supportive care is not unusual with a litter and can be quite exhaustive. Sleep deprivation during a litter is the norm.

Starting at birth, various puppy interactive programs are incorporated to help make the puppy mentally prepared for life and making transition from breeder to purchaser easily.

At about two and a half weeks we begin teaching the puppies how to use a potty box—this is a fair amount of work in the beginning but pays off later with puppies that are beginning to “get it”.

At about three-to-four weeks, puppies are moved into the kitchen into a larger and more central area.  This will allow them to be exposed to household noises like the dishwasher, vacuum and clanging of pots and pans. We firmly believe that breeder interaction during the developing stages of puppyhood is critically important—exposure to new sights, sounds, feels and being handled is exceedingly important in helping to shape a well-rounded adult.  Puppies are also introduced to crates at this time.

When puppies are over four weeks, they can have visitors and we encourage prospective homes to come and visit from this point on.  If weather permits, puppies are introduced to outside at about four-to-five weeks so they begin to learn their potty duties there, making housebreaking much easier for the new family.

We provide a large number of toys and interactive play items both inside and outside to stimulate our puppies.  We get them used to a variety of different flooring surfaces.  We encourage visitors to play with and socialize the puppies.

Puppies are handled and held frequently. They have had their nails trimmed on a regular schedule.  They have become accustomed to wearing collars (done primarily to ID each puppy but it does get them used to having a collar on).

We work very hard to maintain an exceedingly clean, interactive and safe environment for our puppies.


What is Provided With a Puppy


As committed breeders, it is our goal to provide you with a puppy that has had the best beginning we can possibly provide.  Doing so involves much planning, expense, hard work and occasional heartbreak.  We consider each puppy to be special and want the purchaser to feel that way, too.  We strive to prepare our purchasers with as much information as possible to make sure they are ready for their new arrival and to make the transition from our house to theirs as easy as possible.

  • Prior to taking your puppy home, you will receive information to help you to prepare for your puppy. This includes a new puppy newsletter and being placed on an email list. While you wait for your puppy to be old enough to go into its new home, information will be provided on basic care, crate training, housebreaking, feeding, pet insurance, socialization and more.  Receiving this information prior to getting your puppy will help you get ready in advance so you can be prepared for his or her arrival.
  • Dewclaws removed and newborn well-puppy check (done at 2-3 days of age).
  • Microchipped prior to placement.
  • Wormings as appropriate for age; generally done 2-3 times prior to placement.
  • Vaccinations as appropriate for age.
  • Well-puppy vet check by my veterinarian prior to placement.
  • Written veterinarian records along with dates for additional vaccinations and wormings. Any additional records specific to an individual puppy will be provided.
  • Written feeding information covering brand of food, amounts, frequency and “how to” for up to one year of age.
  • Puppy booklet and brochures on crate training, socialization, bloat, general veterinary care and other topics helpful to a new owner.
  • Detailed sales contract.
  • Pictures, pedigree and copies of health testing on parents.
  • AKC registration (please note companion puppies are only sold on a limited registration but registration papers are never withheld).
  • 30 days free pet insurance, effective from date of pick-up at 8 weeks of age.
  • Breeder support system for the life of the dog.
  • Knowledge that if something happens to you, we will always take the dog back.
  • Cropping is additional; if you desire a cropped puppy I will have my veterinarian do the cropping on your behalf and provide you with information on aftercare.
  • Us as doggy “grandparents”—we WANT to know how our puppies are doing!


Given the exceptional quality of our dogs and all the effort we put into them, we feel our pricing is appropriate.  If you  would like to better understand the pricing of quality puppies from responsible breeders, please review this article:

“What Are You Paying For”

  • Companion puppies are $3000.00 (US) “with everything done” as detailed above. Companion puppies are sold only on altering agreement with limited AKC registration.
  • Prices for show puppies will be quoted upon request; pricing varies dependent on a variety of factors including whether the purchaser has prior show experience or is new at showing.
  • If cropping is desired, I will have the procedure done at my veterinarian and the cost will be passed on to the purchaser.
  • The purchaser is responsible for AKC registration and microchip registration fees.
  • Per law, Washington state sales tax is charged on all puppy sales. This is required of anyone offering puppies for sale. If a breeder is not charging sales tax they are breaking the law.

If budget considerations are the primary concern when purchasing a puppy, I would strongly recommend you do serious research to find out why the initial purchase price from a good breeder might be more in the beginning but cheaper in the long run than a puppy from a puppy producer. When purchasing a Dane puppy, one should do careful research to find out what to look for in a breeder and a puppy. A $1000 puppy can quickly cost more than a puppy from a good breeder once all the necessary vetting has been done.  It can even be more if the puppy is sickly at time of purchase.


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