Stud Dogs

Our Stud Dog Breeding Requirements
for Bitches and Owners

I take breeding very seriously, and feel that raising a litter is something one should not do without careful thought.  One of the first steps in “doing it right” is to breed only Danes that exhibit true Great Dane temperament and appearance while being sound and healthy animals. The second step is to make sure the bitch owner is knowledgeable about the breed and is willing to be responsible for the puppies they produce.

To that end, I have certain expectations from both the owner and their female.

I require the female be:

  • American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club registered.
  • Fawn or brindle (I do not breed non-standard or off color Danes)
  • Be of quality, health and temperament to be bred
  • Have had health testing done as recommended by the Great Dane Club of America
  • Be an AKC or CKC champion, or have a performance title.

I require the owner:

  • To have a good, working knowledge of the breed.
  • If new, have an experienced mentor.
  • Agree to be responsible for the puppies they produce and agree to take dogs of their breeding back at any time, for any reason.

Please-carefully think your decision to breed.  Don’t become one of the many casual breeders whose dogs end up in rescue because the breeder is unable or unwilling to take the dog back in the event the purchaser can’t keep it.

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