New Dog Show Exhibitor Seminar

Next 4 week Class Begins: 3/9/2021

Class Description

Loosely-structured and easy-going, the seminar will include topics such as understanding a breed standard, basic AKC and CKC rules and regulations, understanding what is required to earn a Championship and learning how the point system works, how to find out about shows, prepare entry forms, read judging schedules, begin ring training for both you and your dog, appropriate clothing for the ring, grooming, equipment you will need and a variety of other topics designed to help the new exhibitor.

After each topic is covered there will be a question and answer period.  Videos will be available on how to begin collar and leash training for the show dog, how to begin stacking and baiting, how to show the bite and other topics.

The seminar is open to any breed.  Because this is an online class, there is no restriction on class size.

Topics Include

  • Dog shows-what are they and why were they developed?
  • The different types of dog shows.
  • What criteria must a show dog meet?
  • Registration issues and questions.
  • What are the requirements for an AKC and CKC Championship?
  • What are the different ways points are determined?
  • Common questions on show rules and regulations.
  • How to find out about upcoming shows.
  • How to enter dog shows, understand the different classes, avoid common entry mistakes and read judging schedules.
  • Ring attire, equipment, and helpful hints to make your show experience more enjoyable.
  • Review of show ring procedure and how to prepare yourself for the ring.

Handouts include

  • Sample of AKC and CKC entry forms.
  • Sample of show record form.
  • Form to request an ERN from the CKC.
  • Instruction manual.

The Breed Standard

What is it?  How do you find it?  How was it developed and why is is important?  Dogs are judged according to how well they adhere to their individual breed standard.  Being familiar with the standard for your breed is very important and should be considered a must for new conformation exhibitors.  In this seminar, we will review your breed standard, followed by discussion.

Training, Conditioning & Grooming

Besides being a good example of his breed, the show dog needs to be presented in the best possible manner.  This includes being well-trained and in excellent condition.  The potential show dog needs to learn how to be groomed, stacked, examined, baited and gaited.  We will also discuss diet, conditioning and exercise.  After our discussion, there will be a hands-on portion where we go through an actual handling class.

Those Paperwork Things

How do you find out about dog shows? How do you fill out an entry form? What happens after you fill the entry form out?  What do you do if you make a mistake and don’t find it out until after the close of entries? How do you read a judging schedule? What happens if you enter the wrong class? How do you keep track of your show records? Handouts will include a sample entry form for both AKC and CKC shows, listing of superintendents who service our area, sample show record sheet and more.  We will also do a “pretend” dog shows, starting with an entry form to the actual “show”.  This exercise helps to understand the actual process.

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Georgia Hymmen

How to register:

To register, please email for an enrollment form. Payment can be made by PayPal, Zelle or check.

How do you know what class to enter your dog in?  What are the disqualifying faults of any breed? What are the requirements for registration?  How do you apply for an ERN number to enter an AKC dog in a CKC show?  How does a dog get his Championship? How are points figured?  How do you read a judging schedule? Completely understanding the rules and regulations of AKC and CKC shows are a must!  Learning how points are earned and how a dog show is structured can be difficult at best for the new exhibitor.  This seminar will help to clarify all that!  We cover both AKC and CKC shows in this seminar.  Handouts include copies of rules for both the US and Canada.

Registration Information

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Class begins March 9, 2021 (Registration and payment must be received by March 8th)


4 weeks; discussion three times a week. Because the class will be done via a facebook private group, enrollees can join in at any time.


This seminar will be presented on a private facebook group.  Those wishing to attend will be approved so they can “converse”.  A topic will be presented and then enrollees can post their questions. There will be some other ground rules which will be sent upon enrollment.