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What Will Happen to Your Pets When You Die

Article written in 2014 with useful advise preparing for your passing away in regards to future care for your dog.

GDCA Sponsored Great Dane Health Studies

A list of current Great Dane Health Research Projects that the GDCA Charitable Trust has donated money to.

Trimming Toenails

An article discussing importance of nail trimming

Caring for your Dog’s Neck and Spine – Dog Collar Issues

A very interesting evaluations from a book written by a chiropractor on the various collar types used for dogs.

Teaching Inhibitions – Safe, effective punishment revealed

Excellent article on the effectiveness of mild negative reinforcements

Why I’m Not a “Force Free” Trainer

Discussion about adapting your trainer methods to the dog's needs

Adopting a New Dog – 5 Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes adopters make when bringing home a new dog.

Dog not Eating – Some helpful tips from Georgia

Suggestions for handling times when your dog isn't eating properly

Showing the Bite Video

Video by Georgia showing how to get a dog accustomed to having their bite shown to a judge

Ian Dunbar eBook Before You Get Your Puppy

Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian and animal behaviorist who has written many books on dog behavior and training

Ian Dunbar eBook After You Get Your Puppy

Ian Dunbar is well known veterinarian, animal behaviorist and trainer who has written numerous books on dog behavior and training.

Stubborn graphic

In order for a dog to be stubborn he must first understand completely what is asked of him and then choose to disobey.

Separation Anxiety – How to help your dog cope

Suggestions for helping your dog learn to be comfortable away from you.

My Dog is Not a Petting Zoo

An article about the importance of protecting your dog from uncomfortable social encounters

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

An article discussing incorrect negative views of crating

Euro Danes

An extremely good article on what has happened to the Great Dane in some European countries

Living With Old Great Danes

Advise on how to deal with challenges that face owners in caring for their older Great Danes

Great Dane Owner’s Primer To Crates

Georgia explains the importance of crate training.

Mending “Happy” Tail

Excellent article on a method to secure a dog's injured tail allowing it to heal.

Dog Friendly Beaches Website

Website dedicated to helping dog owners find dog-friendly beaches and lakefront in their area.

Lick Sleeve

A comfortable and effective solution for protecting a dog’s leg injury or surgery site.

Elements of Temperament

Article about Temperament on German Shepherd site

The Dane and the Pseudo-Dane

Article about Hyper Type Euro Danes

Before You Buy A Dane

A Graphic created by Dane Outreach

Adopt or Shop Image with Text

Adopt or Shop Image and Text by Georgia

Great Dane Puppies and Children

Article by Georgia discussing the special considerations to think about raising a Great Dane Puppy with children

Anatomy of a Breeder’s Website

Excellent Article by Great Dane rescue volunteer Sandee Elliott

Life Skills All Dogs Need to Learn

How to prepare your dog for life.


The Critical Importance of Training Your Dog to be Adaptable

Problems Associated With Adopting Two Puppies at the Same Time

Most training professionals strongly recommend against adopting two pups at the same time.

Training Two Puppies at Once

Two puppies at once not recommended, but discusses coping strategies

Raising Two Pups at a Time – A Bad Idea

Discussion of the pitfalls of raising two puppies at the same time

Review of the Great Dane Breed

A good description of the breed and help in deciding if the Great Dane is the Right Breed For You!

I Only Want A Pet

Show-Bred pets for companion homes have huge advantages over casual unreliable breeders who only breed "pets".

The Threat of Stillness

Discussion of dog body postures and how to interpret them

Socialization and Single Event Learning

A discussion of fear periods and single event learning

Where Shelter Dogs Come From – Part 2

An informative article about where dogs in shelters actually come from