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Show Days Info

A very useful subscription based website that can lists shows, provide information about judges, etc.

Sunshine Pet Transport

Pet Transport Service

Puppy Acne

Facebook discussion about puppy acne.

Great Dane Fat Foot Disease

Facebook discussion among Dane owners about their experience with swollen feet.

Acid Reflux

A Facebook discussion about Acid Reflux

It’s The AKC’s Fault

The AKC is frequently blamed for breeding trends. Find out more about what the AKC does and doesn't do.

Quality of Life Scale

End of Life Discussion: A helpful scale to judge your dog's quality of life.

How to Talk to Your Gynecologist About Euthanasia

A discussion about End of Life care for our pets

Dahl Animal Behavior and Massage – Greater Seattle Area

Wendy Dahl is an Animal Behaviorist and Massage Therapist

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

A discussion about using a kennel/crate for your dog

Great Danes of the World

A dated website providing information about Danes in other countries

Great Dane Health and Research

Great Dane Club of America Article on Health Issues with Danes

How To Find The Best Dog Trainer For Your Dog

From the well respected Whole Dog Journal, a very helpful article on dog trainers

Guidelines On Being a Responsible Breeder

Dane Outreach's minimum recommendations on being a responsible breeder.

Why Do Puppies Cost So Much?

Who knew how much money it costs breeders to produce a litter??? Find out in this very good article detailing the costs for responsible breeders producing healthy happy puppies.

What is the difference between a backyard breeder and a quality breeder?

Ever wonder what people mean by backyard breeder?

Puppy Buyer Etiquette

How to find a good puppy? Find a good BREEDER

Buyer Beware

Article to help puppy purchasers

Best Airline Approved Travel Crates

Article on Best Dog Travel Crates

Airline Crate Requirements

International Air Transport Association Article on Pet Crates Requirements

Article about Pet Friendly Airlines

In depth article detailing information about price, kennel sizes, etc.

Uncropped Ear Resources

A list of very useful articles discussing natural ears

Ear Cropping Information by Georgia

Very Useful article on Ear Cropping by Georgia Hymmen. Topics covered are history, to crop or not to crop, vets who still crop, taping supplies and detailed tutorials on how to tape both cropped and uncropped ears.

Animal Stretcher Pet Trolley

If a big dog goes down, it's virtually impossible to get them up and move them. This item will allow you to safely move your dog in the unfortunate event they can't get up.


This handy device swings out for use, then swings back under your vehicle for storage.

Pet Loader

Portable stairs for vehicles, grooming tables, etc

Help Em Up

Perhaps your Dane has had surgery or is getting old and losing rear mobility. This harness is designed to assist the human help .their dog get up and also to support them as they are moving. This model came highly recommended by various Dane owners and breeders. This company also makes other medical devices for canines.

Animal Suspension Technology

Recommended by Melissa Wilste, a Bullmastiff breeder, this harness also is an option for helping dogs with mobility issues.

Where Shelter Dogs Come From – Part 1

An informative article about where dogs in shelters actually come from

Space Etiquette For Dogs

A graphic showing issues with dogs getting too close

Showing the Bite

Another video showing how to properly show the bite to the judge

Stacking Your Puppy

Video on how to stack your puppy

Tube Feeding Young Puppies from Dr. Greer DVM

Tips for successful tube feeding

Effective way to Hand Feed a puppy with latex free sponge

For various reasons a young puppy may need supplemental feeding and this video details an effective way to do that.

MSM – Does Your Dog Need It?

Article discussing the health advantages of MSM

Health Insurance for Dogs in 2018

An article from 2018 providing good information about pet insurance

Genetic Diversity

The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control