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Inflatable Donut Collars

One of many choices for inflatable donut-type collars which help to prevent scratching of ears or face wounds and an excellent choice to use on freshly cropped puppies. Read More on our website

No Flap Ear Wrap

Highly recommended by Ridgeback breeder/exhibitor Marykay Ligocki, the No Flap Ear Wrap holds the ears securely preventing further damage. Read More on our website

Picture Perfect Pedigree & Rally Sign Service

Mel Eso makes lovely picture pedigrees that are great for puppy packets, stud owners or for litter notices. She also does Rally Signs. If you don't see what you want, just give her a shout.

3C’s Dog Show & Grooming Supplies

Great Dog Show Vendor carrying a wide variety of supplies

Total K-9 Connection

Total K9 Connection offers a wide variety of quality grooming products and supplies, collars, leashes and much more. Visit the site to see all the products they have available 208-283-8095

Sparkle Bark

Canine teeth cleaning without anaesthetic or sedation

Dog Show Massage

Michele provides massages for both dogs and people. Try her out -- she's great!

Behind the Fence Gallery

A delightful assortment of life-sized Dane statue to grace your home or yard 631-283-5591

Modern Ironworks

Please check this site out-they have lovely iron gates, feeding stands, leash holders and other products and do very nice work.

Great Dane Club of America

The National organization that oversees the breed standard, provides funding for rescues and Great Dane health research.

Re’Tail Pet Supplies

Dogs love these Focus Beef Jerky Treats. This online store is the extension of the old brick and mortar Paws-Abilities. They have been using these treats for nearly 20 years as the high value training treat. They come in 2# sticks that are conveniently notched for optimal use. A little goes a long way. Available for pickup in Tacoma, WA or can be shipped. Made in the USA!

Fancy Nancy’s

Bitch britches, for bitches in season, can be obtained from Fancy Nancy's . . . Dane owner recommended!

Ring Around the Collar

This vendor offers show collars designed specifically for Great Danes.

Lola Limited

Check these Prong/Pinch training collars with a flair.

Dog Tag Art

Features very nice dog tas. If you want something better than a plain ol' metal tag, check out this site. They offer many stock designs or you can create our own.

Ruffwear Dog Boots

Great boots to protect your puppies feet Read More on our website

Bert Rettick Cool Coats

Bert Rettick makes beautiful Cool Coats. Check out her designs and fabrics on her Facebook page.

Kapari Kreations

Lovely custom show leads in your choice of colors, length and beading. Add bling to your special show dog or best in home companion. A wonderful gift.

Great Dane Review Magazine

Magazine printed quarterly that is full of information and ads for Great Danes, breeders and ads for stud dogs.

“Living with Great Danes” by Jill Swedlow

After almost 4 decades with Great Danes, Jull Swedlow is an expert having lived with, shown, bred and judged her beloved bread.

Crate Pads

Very popular Crate Pads sold by Georgia in varying sizes

Dog Bones

Delicious dog bones sold by Georgia

Daynakin Cot Beds

Awesome Indoor/Outdoor Cot Beds available to order.

Marykay Ligocki – Pet Nanny

Contact MaryKay to find out about her Pet Nanny Services. Read More on our website

Ian Dunbar eBook After You Get Your Puppy

Ian Dunbar is well known veterinarian, animal behaviorist and trainer who has written numerous books on dog behavior and training.

Stubborn graphic

In order for a dog to be stubborn he must first understand completely what is asked of him and then choose to disobey.

Separation Anxiety – How to help your dog cope

Suggestions for helping your dog learn to be comfortable away from you.

My Dog is Not a Petting Zoo

An article about the importance of protecting your dog from uncomfortable social encounters

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

An article discussing incorrect negative views of crating

Euro Danes

An extremely good article on what has happened to the Great Dane in some European countries

Living With Old Great Danes

Advise on how to deal with challenges that face owners in caring for their older Great Danes

Great Dane Owner’s Primer To Crates

Georgia explains the importance of crate training.

Mending “Happy” Tail

Excellent article on a method to secure a dog's injured tail allowing it to heal.

Dog Friendly Beaches Website

Website dedicated to helping dog owners find dog-friendly beaches and lakefront in their area.