Inflatable Donut Collars


Inflatable Donut Collars

When appropriate, the donut-type collar is excellent to prevent scratching at ears or face wounds and is far less stressful than the plastic cone (Elizabethan) collar. The collar has an inner tube that inflates with air and an outer cover. Loops on the inside allow for a collar to in inserted for a snug fit, and the front has velco straps to keep the front closed.

The quality and sizing of these collars varies greatly from brand to brand. Be sure to measure your dog's neck then refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Outer material choices include a soft felt (not my preference as it's damaged too easily), a rubbery-substance, and cordura nylon (my choice).

Donut collars are an excellent choice to use on freshly cropped puppies, as they are easy to get off and on and comfortable for the puppy. To locate collars, call your local pet store or do a search through Amazon.

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