This is a protective "suit" the dog wears to prevent them from accessing a surgical site or stitches. Highly recommended by Dane owner Lynda Moulter. She used this product after having major problems with her dog after surgery, and felt it was a game changer in the healing process.

K9 Top Coat

A lycra bodysuit designed to prevent a dog from worry wounds. Recommended by Marykay Ligocki (Ridgebacks).


Available from or their own website. These are little rubber booties (think rain boots) that are stretchy and fig snuggly. I've used them, and they work good if you just need a "quick trip outside" coverage.


This company offers a variety of winter and protective boots and other items such as life vests, muzzles and much more.

Medipaw Wound Management

This company carries a variety of items that are helpful, especially for leg wounds. Dena Cassell used one of the leg boots to help protect the dressing on a broken toe and found it very helpful.

Paw Friction

This product is applied to the pads of dog who may have mobility issues and provides needed friction to their feet to assist them getting traction. Highly recommended by Allison Paxton, a Dane breeder.

Posh Dog Knee Brace

Another brand of leg brace, giving stability to injured legs. For proper fit and use, one must work with their veterinarian.

OrthoPets – Orthopedic Products

One stop shopping for truly custom made orthotic and prosthetic devices for pets.

Dog Leggs Protection and Support Solutions

The DogLeggs Company provides innovative, effective, easy to use products that help support dogs. Their products include Elbow protection, Rear leg hobbling system and carpal support. Read More on our website

Novaguard and Optivizor Recovery Collars

This company offers a variety of protective collars to protect eyes and prevent scratching. Read More on our website