Show Days Info

A very useful subscription based website that can lists shows, provide information about judges, etc.

Sunshine Pet Transport

Pet Transport Service

Puppy Acne

Facebook discussion about puppy acne.

Great Dane Fat Foot Disease

Facebook discussion among Dane owners about their experience with swollen feet.

Acid Reflux

A Facebook discussion about Acid Reflux

It’s The AKC’s Fault

The AKC is frequently blamed for breeding trends. Find out more about what the AKC does and doesn't do.

Quality of Life Scale

End of Life Discussion: A helpful scale to judge your dog's quality of life.

How to Talk to Your Gynecologist About Euthanasia

A discussion about End of Life care for our pets

Dahl Animal Behavior and Massage – Greater Seattle Area

Wendy Dahl is an Animal Behaviorist and Massage Therapist

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

A discussion about using a kennel/crate for your dog