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Dahl Animal Behavior and Massage – Greater Seattle Area

Wendy Dahl is an Animal Behaviorist and Massage Therapist

Training Articles

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

An article discussing incorrect negative views of crating

Great Dane Owner’s Primer To Crates

Georgia explains the importance of crate training.

Elements of Temperament

Article about Temperament on German Shepherd site

Great Dane Puppies and Children

Article by Georgia discussing the special considerations to think about raising a Great Dane Puppy with children

Life Skills All Dogs Need to Learn

How to prepare your dog for life.


The Critical Importance of Training Your Dog to be Adaptable

The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

A discussion about using a kennel/crate for your dog

How To Find The Best Dog Trainer For Your Dog

From the well respected Whole Dog Journal, a very helpful article on dog trainers